Saturday, January 26, 2008

ok so we took a little break....

we're back and vowing to be more loyal to our dear blog. please forgive us. with the holiday retail craziness we never found the time to post. and somehow it's almost february. where the hell did january go? there was a draft saved for a post on 1/3 but that never got published. so that brings us to today. a fresh start. we're also hoping that other 5 points friends will contribute too!

we were going to blog about URBISMUS but EU beat us to it. the urban mouse has it right. We love the urban art movement that's happening right now and want to see more of it! It's so energizing to see people taking control of THEIR city. jacksonville is so malleable right now. we can mold it into anything we want.

philip ramsey took control yesterday. he is the mastermind behind (the 3rd annual? not sure how many he's organized) the tangerine festival. although the weather was dreary, that didn't keep people away. everyone that we heard talking about it said it was a good time! i know that the weather was dreary but everyone we talked to say that the turnout was still decent. anomaly was a sponsor of the alley cat race and that was fun. the racers had to stop at the store and chug a beer or soda before they could leave. the turnout for that was about 35 or so which for a cold, wet day is not too bad! we just thought the whole festival was a really great event to bring to our wonderful area! although hot, it would be fun to see a festival like that in the summer too.


URBISMUS said...

why is 5 points buzz the ONLY one who gets that "downtowns so malleable now"? its so exciting isnt it?
take action all other street artists downtown is ours!

Anonymous said...

All of Jax is malleable. One of the newest offerings is my non-profit seed exchange. Feel welcome to check it out at

Anonymous said...

I guess you are taking another break here?

Anonymous said...

I guess the buzz at five points is no more....

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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