Saturday, November 17, 2007


when i walked into work this morning i noticed a few places that were apparently shangrala is a local indie band with a new cd coming out! i went to the myspace page but my work computer doesn't have speakers so i'm not sure how the music sounds. if it's good, shangrala should play the next first fridays event for us as a payback for the free advertising. while i applaud their underground marketing campaign, i do wish that someone would have asked if it was cool to spray paint.

good thing their logo is pretty cool and they didn't spray on brick, otherwise i would have been really pissed. and apparently the perpetrators knew who would be cool with having the work on the sidewalk... as far as i know, it's only in front of raglands and anomaly. i like it and it adds more character to our eclectic neighborhood. i know some of the other merchants will probably be less than enthused but oh well.

the other day experiencejax had a similar grassroots approach to getting their website out... but the stencil was put down with chalk instead of spray paint. i would like to see more of the chalk version around 5 points...


Kara H said...

While I fully support the artistic promotion, Jax (and 5 points) is about to be rocked by Shangrala! That's what.

Jennifer McCharen said...

Hey 5 points buzz! Where are ya? You should post something about the tangerine fest! I miss your updates.

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