Monday, November 5, 2007

Airport Factory Rocks 5 Points!

If airplane factories are where airplanes are made, then Airport Factory is where completely awesome piano-and-drums songs are made. Airport Factory, complete with large piano— NOT a keyboard; a real, like-you-have-in-your-house-piano—, rocked the sidewalk of Five Point’s First Friday last Friday night. Literally: they set up the piano and drums in front of Anomaly/Nicotine, and proceeded to blow away everyone who was watching. The guy on the drums was definitely a good drummer, and not to take away from him, but the singer/piano player/guitar player, Chris, was really amazing. This kid was playing and singing like he was at a sold out show, and not on the sidewalk in front of 20 or so people. We think that is always a sign of a good band: they give it their all no matter how many people are there. Chris sang with no microphone and did some awesome handclap breakdowns for the chorus of one song. The two guys also got up from their instruments so the drummer could slap out a beat with his hands and feet, while Chris also did some clapping and stomping and singing, which made for a pretty cool sight: two guys making music with nothing but their bodies and a voice, all on the sidewalk of 5 Points. Based on their live show, we went to, Airport Factory’s website, and downloaded all the songs we could. These guys are good, and we hope to have them back again for another great First Fridays performance.

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