Wednesday, October 31, 2007

the latest victims...

i am sick right now. i just got a call from texie @ VIOLET... she AND TIME WARP got robbed last night!!! it's been almost exactly one month since it happened to ANOMALY. luckily there was only about $4 cash in texie's drawer, but she doesn't even have a cash register and the thief knew exactly what drawer her money was in. so now texie is left with a broken door ($300+) and a broken clothing rack (from the boulder thrown in to break the door). all for $4... actually $3... the robber dropped one of the bills on his way out. dumb ass.

TIME WARP wasn't so lucky. money did get left in the drawer overnight so it got taken. i'm not sure how much at this point but money is tight all over the neighborhood right now and this sure didn't help the situation any!

this smash and grab thing HAS TO stop! it's happening all over town, not just in one specific area. here's a bit from first coast news. i know that at the beginning of october in san marco rosie true, phiosophie (the new shoe store) and krista eberle all had their windows broken in i'm not sure if anything was taken or not though.



joshtank said...

!!! Ultra bummer. Seriously go rob a Walmart.

Sorry to hear about this,

gojeffrey said...

I agree that this type of crime is so damaging, even moreso to small independent businesses. I don't understand your final remark... go rob a Walmart? How is that a solution?

Jennifer McCharen said...

It's not a thoroughly thought-out epithet...just that if you're going to steal from a retailer, you should be more Robin Hood about it and take from the big guys. I don't think it's a solution though, just an exclamation.

5 points said...

no robbing a walmart is not a soulution... more of a smart ass remark. i also highly doubt that our thief has any interest in reading a blog so that way he/she probably wouldn't be tipped off to rob that walmart... haha.

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