Monday, October 1, 2007

you've got to be kidding...

anomaly got broken into this early morning. whoever did it just launched a huge cement chunk right through the front door. and since they now have no front door, adam, one of the co-owners, is up there right now, waiting for the glass company to get there. i am beyong disgusted.

THANK GOD no merchandise was stolen. an ipod was even sitting right by the counter and luckily that didn't get taken. the criminals only wanted the register. there was about $200 in cash in the drawer (which never should have been left in there in the first place... lesson learned). so considering that the door has to be completely replaced and then a new logo and store hours put on the front, that will be about $400 or so. and the register was smashed into a million pieces, a cheap new one will be around $100. so the thieves got a little bit of cash and in return left anomaly out around $700 when all is said and done. and on rent day no less. yay.

according to the police, there has been a rash of burglaries around riverside and avondale. a little over a month ago basel's tailor shop got hit, then in the past few weeks it's been shirk thompson's shoe store (i think that's the name), the cleaners next to the a&p on park street, harpoon louies, and a few others i can't remember. all the incidents have pretty much been smash and grabs for the register. the officer also told me that his patrol runs from riverside ave to casset, around to san juan and st johns and all the area in between. that is a lot of territory for only a handful of cops... and unfortunately the criminals know and take full advantage of that.

and i ended my previous post saturday night on such a happy positive note for october. well, this isn't stopping our october from being a great month, i can tell you that right now.

**there are some crappy pics for a camera phone to be posted later.
**check out emily from anomaly on first coast news about the break in!


Dave said...

Did this also happen to Crush? I'm so disappointed that they are now closed for "unforeseen circumstances." What gives?

Crystal said...

Nope - Crush hasn't had any vandalism or thievery issues in about a year or so.

Long story to answer the rest of your question.


Dave said...

Thanks, Crystal. If you have the time, I'm all ears. Crush was my second "Favorite" restaurant that closed on me, first was Stella's. I've moved on to BB's now, so I hope I am not starting a bad trend!

5 points said...

i heard last night that crush closed because of some back tax issues w/ the IRS. supposedly everything was seized and they are permanently closed. :(

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