Wednesday, October 17, 2007


starlite is having their annual halloween bash (which i believe is on the actual night of) and i heard there's a possibility that fuel may throw a party as well, but i do not have confirmation on that. i will find out and keep you posted.

halloween is always fun, i just hate that it's an excuse to be as slutty as possible. i like the creative costumes... my neighbor is somehow attaching a nightstand to her and going as a one-night-stand. that's great!

and only a few minutes away from 5 points, springfield is putting on 'nightmare on 9th street' at 9th and main. i'm really going to try to go to that... well, that is as long as i still have a date and he's not too haggard from his fl/ga tailgating!!
speaking of springfield... TO INERTIA: great paint! it looks really nice and beats the hell out of that nasty paint that was on there. it's amazing what a little paint can do!

oh, and exciting news. we picked a movie for the next 5 Points $5 Flick. it's GOONIES! so, save the date for friday november 2nd. doors open at 9:15! see you there.

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