Tuesday, October 2, 2007

rain rain go away!

well, the rain allowed alot of us merchants to get some things done for our upcoming first fridays event that starts this friday. didn't help us pay any bills though. 5 points was unfortunately pretty much D-E-A-D today! so, nothing exciting to report. i guess that's a good thing though, considering all the 'exciting' news on this blog so far has been either about stores closing or getting robbed! ha ha!

the event this friday is going to be great though!!! the info is up on the marquee now and we've been getting calls about it! yay! also, we're getting the gift baskets together. all the merchants have donated all kinds of great things (products, gift certificates, etc...) and it's all going to get seperated into 3 baskets. for each purchase a customer makes in a store he/she will get a raffle ticket. then at the end of the night, there will be a drawing for the prizes.

one bummer though, we had 3 bands scheduled to play this friday... 2 bailed today... so then there was one. well, they will be playing under the marquee in front of the theater so that will be a good central location with plenty of room!

have a wonderful evening!!!

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