Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First Fridays in 5 Points! Oct. 5th!

Starting Friday, October 5th, 5 Points will launch it’s monthy First Fridays promotion with a screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, “Rear Window”. First Fridays will take place, as the name suggests, the first Friday of each month. All the stores in 5 Points area, and particularly along Park St. will stay open until 9PM and the area’s restaurants and bars will offer drink and food specials. Once the retail shops close at 9PM, 5 Point’s own theatre will open for a screening of ‘Rear Window’ at 9:15. Tickets for the film will be $5, concessions will be available, but BYOB, and a blanket or lawn chair is a good idea as the theatre no longer has permanent seating.


Anonymous said...

Why not First Saturdays? Your Springfield neighbors would normally be among the first to support your First Friday celebrations . . . except we have had our own First Fridays for several years, usually huge social events. Sorry. We won't be able to come to your party, and that is too bad, as the three downtown neighborhoods should support each other. Gerry

5 points said...

Thanks for the comment Gerry. I actually live in Springfield and have for 3 1/2 years and didn't even know about your event. Someone else brought the Springfield FF to my attention as well. I'm so sorry! We have had thousands of flyers printed and already contacted lots of press about the event. We chose this day because of the 'F' alliteration, not to be in competition with anyone! so sorry!!!

Jibreel said...

So wait - is the FF movie Rear Window or North by Northwest? It's a BYOB movie in 5 points so I'm there either way but I really hope it's NBNW. Cary Grant rules Jimmy Stewart any day.

5 points said...

there was a little mix up and nbnw wasn't available through the licensing company we were using... so sorry, no cary grant. but we hope you can make it anyway!!! thanks for checking out our new blog!

Anonymous said...

I've lived here 3 months, and I've already been to two First Fridays in Springfield. Second Saturday wouldn't have sounded too bad either. We want to do everything in the area, but it's hard if you guys schedule them at the same time.

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