Sunday, September 16, 2007

here it goes...

are blogs sometimes worthless acts of self promotion? of course. people love hearing themselves talk, and this gives someone the perfect outlet to do it. other people love being in another person's business, so i can see why blogs have become an attraction to many!

without further ado, may we present a little promotion... 5 points buzz! forget the malls! check out jacksonville's most unique independent shopping.

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Violet Fall Preview

Join Texie @ Violet for an opening of Tonya Lee's work. Also that night, view handmade jewelry from April Aultman and new products by Jill Bliss! Friday, October 5th, 6-9P.

Molly Riefler "Fashion isn't Dead"

On Friday October 5th, check out an Molly Riefler's opening at Anomaly! 6-9PM.