Wednesday, September 26, 2007

goodbye urbane!

yes, urbane will be missed. it was wonderful having keith and clay in 5 points and i am so sad they are leaving us. i am just so bummed!!! it looks bad when stores open and close like this! first procyon... but then one of each gifts opened and jonathan is SUCH an asset to our neighborhood! now urbane... but who knows, maybe it just wasn't the right fit. they are moving their location to baymeadows/phillips, 'the furniture district'. hopefully they will flourish over there! the whole store is on sale now through when they sell everything... 25-75% off!

i have to say when i heard urbane was leaving, i almost didn't believe it! there are some people out there who call 5 points 'san five marco points' and then to others, 5 points is scary! that's the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. our wonderful area is stuck in this weird nomansland! too alternative? or not eclectic enough? there is so much opportunity in 5 points! open your business here!

when was the last time you were in 5 points? people, this is how a district close to the urban core is. there will be transients, there will be litter, but we are fighting every day to clean it up and keep it the wonderful, pleasant and fun area that it is. if you see garbage on the ground, just pick up a few pieces. every little bit helps! and if you are a litterer, shame on you!

i see homeless people in avondale and san marco all the time. yes it is sad and yes they sometimes smell and yes you probably think he or she did it to himself but these people are harmless. you may get asked for some money, but give them directions to the city rescue mission there and walk away. when someone asks me for "money for food" i always offer to go buy him/her a burger at wendy's. when that offer gets declined i simply say that i am a merchant in 5 points and do not support panhandling. period.


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